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Mates rates, planet and people

Tree planting. When we were running our Kickstarter campaign to fund the stages of development that would see day seven to what it has become now (thank-you, forever grateful for my supporters), the idea of planting trees in exchange for funding was successful. Basing this same ‘watching d7 grow’ trail of thought to a sales perspective was why I thought customers might be partial to an environmental discount.

Discounts, mates rates and end of season sales didn’t really correspond with the theories of ‘sustainable growth’, as the garments we produce aren’t seasonal nor are they mass-produced to only have them be put in a throwout bin some three months later.

We have purposely designed a timeless fashion, and specifically, make to order to meet the demands and never moreover. The less waste the better on our part. And the more exclusive our luxury workwear is for your businesses.

While breaking down the costs of each garment and supply chain transparency triple checks, I bluntly thought to myself there is no way a discount like 50% is actually ethical??

Then I started to think of small business designer labels I personally love and how I’ve never caught a bargain sale from them. Contemplating this idea for a while I came up with a few reasons for how they keep afloat and get by with their values intact;

  • Trust their designs will sell year-round, throughout seasons. Not needing to sell off cheap and make way for a new ‘on trend’ collection that will only be wanted for a short period of time.

  • To ensure they pay each and every worker fairly, always.

  • They allow and allocate a profit most of which is put straight back into their business operations.

  • They believe in their timeless garments and a long term investment/ ultimately a deal.

  • Most of all they don’t devalue their business and the product they sell.

Without compromising my personal values that have now taken shape as day seven’s also, I wanted clients and customers to see I’m genuine about raising our own social and environmental accountability and extending to the customer’s level.

The early months of 2020 I was in NYC working with some potential business and watched on feeling helpless as my beautiful home country Australia was literally in flames, only months before seeing the worlds rainforest also alight in a rushing cross country flame. Now in the aftermath, I know that with each and every order we process, having constructed the modern discount- clients and customers have collectively taken indirect responsibility that correlates neatly with the wellbeing of the people and the planet that serve us in our beautiful hospitality industry. A solution with many advantages on many levels. But one that is very clear and current is that we will be helping restore the trees that the worlds lost in recent times.

For every individual purchase throughout the economic time of the COVID era, we will include a tree plant for every purchase.

And for businesses and establishment groups, this environmental ‘discount’ allows you a simple straight forward participation in the ‘sustainable development goals’, raising your CSR by embedding a new attitude into your business and staff culture.

You can see where we locally plant our trees and our friends at fifteen trees who are our planting partners. We go through a third party to ensure that the planting and geographical locating of trees is accessible and reliable in seeing the trees are never removed or damaged.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters of which we live and work on, and pay respect to all Elders - past, present and emerging

Sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, Always will be Aboriginal land. Pay the rent.

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