• Molly

The struggle to be made local.

At first try, I desired to have everything made in Japan, from fabrics down to the cut and sew of a garment. I was so involved in replicating the high standards of clothing construction and craftsmanship of Japan's reliable old labels.

I was knee-deep in my research on ‘how to make responsible fashion’ when I was becoming more aware of the inequality and heartbreak of some of the big player manufacturing countries.

The conditions, pay, work-life balance, overall wellbeing, health and safety had me making vows to never contribute to this exploitation.

I had designed the first collection of day seven, on the trains to and from random destinations in around the Kansai prefecture. An incredible canvas to draw inspiration from. We aren’t known as a manufacturing destination. But we used to be. As did Japan.

Fast forward a year on, 2017, meeting local designers in Melbourne, I was taken aback by the amount of small yet very successful brands manufacturing right under our noses and predominantly in-house. Returning back home for research made the entire head spin of (okay not all of it) the manufacturing delirium clear right up.

I could see producing local as the best and frankly the only way forward for laying the foundations of a responsible brand. The integrity of our business would be based entirely on transparency from beginning to end. this would allow us the ability to listen and observe face to face the needs of the talented skill we employ and the clients with work closely with. Making us accountable for the product we put in the world and sharing exactly how it got there.

''a Melbourne brand, inspired by exquisite qualities and timeless design aesthetics that were merely the musings of Japan.''

Now that our first collection has been served up I reflect on the time researching and sourcing. prioritizing that we use as as much and as all of Australian suppliers and skill as we can for everything from fabric, buttons and zips all to all other trims and talent, learning also their chain of supply.

I wanted day seven to be a Melbourne brand, inspired by exquisite qualities and timeless design aesthetics that were merely the musings of Japan. I think many brands have proved this already, but can only soon be recognized by the majority on a larger scale; Australia produces quality responsibly and we need to support it and respect it as buyers, makers and consumers.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters of which we live and work on, and pay respect to all Elders - past, present and emerging

Sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, Always will be Aboriginal land. Pay the rent.

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