We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters of which we live and work on, and pay respect to all Elders - past, present and emerging.

The unchanged uniform game offered to front of house staff had irritated me as I worked both the front and back of hospitality for ten or so years. 

With a one-way ticket for a discovery+learn expedition, the seed for uniform reform that had quickly blossomed into a strong-willed idea. 

Many late nights researching over big bowls of ramen, I learned that it's quite an untapped market and could have massive potential in assisting businesses with their brand and primarily the servers with their duties.  


The fashion industry is pretty dirty on our planet and we don't want to become a contributor to this both personally and in business. I will always consider the social and environmental impacts of what we're doing both positive and negative then look for ways to improve. 


I'm passionate about giving my fellow hard workers in front of house something that’s made intentionally for them by someone who’s listening and understands the demands of the job. 


It was Japan where the ideas for day seven (d7) were conceived, infatuated with everything Shibusa, quality crafted, and personable experiences  I wanted to bring a taste of this to 'Melbournians' first and foremost so you'd see a glimpse of and feel these influences throughout this collection.  

This first collection is a thank you to where I started... In the cafe. 

 Molly Kent 

Founder/ designer 



Courtney Johnston  


Maddy Cleary 

Caleb Mullins 

Andrew Cross

Anna grace 

Daniel Turner 

Emma Rawson 


Amber Mealing 

Kate and Jason 

Zoe Condon 

Russell Johnston 

Meagan Harris 

Benjamin Hosking 

Taylor Pearce

Anna Condon 

Emily McEachern

Nicola Hendrick 

Caitlin Halloran 

Alexandra groves 


Jackson Leckie 

Madison Wolfe 

Christie Fanning 

Paul Humphries

Kerri Harvey 


Claire Stark 

Jade Cleary 

 April Hammel 

Heather Gill 

Freya Crossley 


Christine Pearson


Emily Gill 

Pia Davis

Hamish wathan 



Yukio kasahara

Sharon Gill 

Georgina Groves 

Cameron whyte 

Dylan Kent 

Paula Lyley- doyle 

Eddy Purvis 

Katie Gill-Killey 

Cat Morevell 


James Irwin

Diarmid Cleary 

Shanon Jenkins 

Lois Lowe 


Christopher Robinson


Michihisa Fukumoto 

Giles Kent 

Annette Lavey 

Mitchell carney

Sam hamilton 

Greta Przesky 

Gorgia Sealey 

Fraser Kent 

Ruby Clark 

Micheal Fernandez 

Lyn Kent

Micheal Nguyen

Susie Neiwand 

Madelon North 

Pip Wheaton

Nigel and Paige 

Laura harder 

Penny and Scotto

Nathan Piper



Amanda Keightley 

Eliza McArlain 

Jill Guthrie 

Gemmah Gill 

Gene Schirrpa 

Simon Mckinley

Loretta rowed 

Jane Akhurst 

Tayla  Hicks 

Shahn Colliver 

Eloise Cameron 

Jock Cleary 


Chris Dolkins

Allie Hurley 

Photos by Henry King